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Thief pops ATM open and takes millionaire loot

The theft occurred on September 25 and was recorded by the surveillance cameras of a branch of Raiffeisen Bank, located in the Russian capital.

In the images you can see the hooded robber entering the bank with a briefcase. There he arranges the explosives around the ATM, and before leaving the place, he lights what appears to be a cable on the floor and runs off down some stairs.

In the video you can see how a line of fire appears that goes to the cashier and explodes in seconds. Later, the thief returns, extracts a metal box where the money was and runs away from the place.

Three minutes after the assault, the security guard of the bank branch arrived but he could not do anything.

According to the Russian portal Rambler, the subject managed to steal from the ATM about two million rubles ($ 95 million); however, he was captured 24 hours after committing the robbery.

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