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He took a liter of soy sauce and ended up with brain damage

The American, who before the incident had been hospitalized for showing signs of paranoid schizophrenia, found information on soy sauce on the Internet. She believed that the government of her country was poisoning her and that is why she decided to cleanse her body.

This story was told by a famous doctor, identified only as Dr. Bernard, on his successful YouTube channel ‘Chubbyemu’. According to him, after the woman drank the liter of sauce, her stomach ached and she had a tingling sensation in both arms and legs.

Added to the above, the woman became severely dehydrated and her heart started to beat much faster, so much so that, when she was in an ambulance with her husband, she suffered a heart attack.

Dr. Bernard said that upon arrival at the hospital, the doctors discovered that he had high levels of sodium in his blood. According to him, a lethal dose of sodium is 40 grams and the woman consumed about 200, that is, 5 times the lethal amount.

To dilute the sodium and save the woman’s life, doctors pumped water mixed with glucose into her blood. Although at first it seemed that the treatment was going to work, 4 days later she woke up unable to talk, eat and move her limbs.

After some tests, the doctors diagnosed her with central pontine myelinolysis, a severe neurological disorder “that occurs when nerve cells can not transmit signals to each other properly,” Daily Mail said.

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